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GradsKey DSA course is a complete package for beginners and pros alike. I got the concepts straight to the point from super-friendly instructors here. Added to it were the fun lab exercises and live challenge rounds, which was truly the best experience - I highly recommend you to opt in for this!

SRM University, AP.

In short - AMAZING experience!! Taking the DSA course not only polished my DS Algo concepts but also improved my communication skills. Right from the start the way of teaching along with implementation was very helpful. Then came the competitions which were related to topics and helped with the approach and implementation of concepts we learnt. Finally the cherry on cake was the mock interview experience. VERY few courses out there give this experience.

Thank you GradsKey for giving me this opportunity.

Atharva Parikh
Vishwakarma Institute of Information Technology, Pune
Satyam Mishra

My experience at GradsKey was amazing. Their DSA course covers all the topics that are required for the Software Industry. The difference between this platform and the others as per my experience is the essence of communication and also the best and experienced mentors. In my opinion, after joining this program you will not regret it. I personally feel more confident in DSA after joining this platform.

Satyam Mishra
Indian Institute of Information Technology, Kota, Jaipur.

It has been a truly valuable learning experience for me at GradsKey. The DSA course helped me understand where my strengths and weaker aspects lie. Finally, the best part of the programme was the mock interview experience which gave us real insights about what companies do expect from us. I thank Gradskey for providing us such a great opportunity.

Pranav RR
Kumaraguru College of Technology, Coimbatore.

It was very nice to get interview experience from great companies.

Chirag Bhojwani
Indian Institute of Technology, Madras
Ravichandran B

It's my great pleasure to share my thoughts. I think i got the correct platform to showcase my talent, thanks a lot!

Kongu Engineering College, Erode.

The course was tailored after painstaking research for important topics. I would like to especially appreciate the way dynamic programming was taught.
It was quite intuitive and I felt a lot confident. The best part was the interview experience that followed. I recommend this course to everyone irrespective of their coding experience.

Nilotpal Mrinal
National Institute of Technology, Puducherry.

Gradskey is a uniquely complete social media platform that helped me hone my professional development at every stage of my education while also connecting me with the resources to holistically upgrade and improve the skills that I already had.

The mentorship program in particular is one that offered a personal touch and guidance the likes of which I have not seen on other professional social media.

Panun Bali
Student at University of Chicago.

Many may give you training, however, GradsKey makes you industry ready. What I like the most with GradsKey is they conduct Mock Interviews from top Companies which helps students to get ready for Interview.

Rajiv Gandhi University of Knowledge Technologies, Ongole, AP.

I was lucky to be part of GradsKey’s first course on Data Structures and Algorithms and really enjoyed teaching the course.

In GradsKey, the members’ skills and achievements are vetted and verified, making them more authentic. The best and most unique thing about Gradskey is that it doesn’t just provide the opportunities, it also equips the students with the skill set required to grab the opportunities, through well structured and relevant courses.

Achyuth Prakash
Indian Institute of Technology, Madras.

Courses with Mentorship cum Assessment

These courses enable opportunities for dream Jobs and Internship as you will be assessed and moved to "Curated Pool" at the end of such courses. From the curated pool you can get referred to Pre-Placement offers, Internship offers and Job offers by hiring companies in GradsKey Network.

  • ✔ You will get Course completion certificate
  • ✔ Will be mentored, assessed and moved to curated pool
  • ✔ Top 25% of the performers would get priority opportunities.

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    For the Year 2021-22.

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    These courses are mainly to strengthen your skill with respect to industry requirements.

  • ✔ You will get a Course participation certificate.

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