DSA Problem solving with C/C++

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This course instructors are 3 students from premier institutes.

  • One of them got a job into Microsoft, will be joining this Summer.
  • Another one is going to join Microsoft as an Intern.
  • Third instructor would be joining an US start up in this summer.

They all will share their problem solving approaches and Interview tips.

Watch what the established premium institute students say about their journey of DSA


All classes are on Saturdays. It is a 12 week program, 2 hours on every Saturday. Starts on 12th March 2022.
Every Saturdays 11am to 1pm; ONLINE classes.
Recorded videos would be made available for replay for later references.


This course objective is to make students to practise different problem solving approaches from expert students of premier institutes like IITs.
Good for 1st year and 2nd students of B.Tech CSE, BSc, BCA, MCA, MBA.
Best for pre-final year and final year students of any branch / degree, who are going to face interviews in the near future.


  1. 1. Fee for this course is Rs.800/-.
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  1. Week #1
  2. Problems & solutions on Basics data structures, brief introduction on time complexity

  3. Week #2
  4. Problems & solutions on Arrays, 2D Array, Memory Manipulations (OS), Pointer

  5. Week #3
  6. Problems & solutions on Pointers

  7. Week #4
  8. Problems & solutions on Strings

  9. Week #5
  10. Problems & solutions on More String problems, Modular Programming, Scope functions.

  11. Week #6
  12. Problems & solutions on Recursion, Recurrence relation, Time Complexity.

  13. Week #7
  14. Problems & solutions on Structure & Unions, Macros, Linked list

  15. Week #8
  16. Problems & solutions on Linked list, Doubly linked list, circular list.

  17. week #9
  18. Problems & solutions on Linked list to continue.

  19. Week #10
  20. Problems & solutions on Searching

  21. Week #11
  22. Problems & solutions on Sorting

  23. Week #12
  24. Q & A, Mock interview.

  25. Week #13
  26. Mock Interview.