Java Full Stack Enterprise Grade

Certification jointly by IIT MADRAS PRAVARTAK and GRADSKEY
About IIT Madras Pravartak Skilling Partnership with Gradskey

Easy payment option - 40% in the beginning, 30% in the middle, 30% at the end.
Easy EMI option also available.
Only 25% of the fee for economically deserving students.

This program is tailor made for the students to crack interview and start fresh careers in Full Stack domains. This course is a 12-15 weeks, 75 hours hands-on program, that makes you to understand basic to advanced essential concepts with hands-on projects in Java Full Stack development suitable for Enterprise projects / jobs. This course will provide you hands-on creating a full-stack App and deploying it in Website/Cloud, and will try to cover a good amount of interview questions in each topics.

This Workshop is for pre-final year / final year College Students from any degree/discipline and for Freshers who are looking for a job switch to Java Full Stack domains.

Syllabus Topics:
  • Java & Basics pre-requisites for projects (4 weeks)
  • Intro to Java, Java core concepts, JVM, JDK installation
  • Flow control
  • Pattern Question
  • Functions / Methods
  • Arrays (1d and 2d)
  • String
  • Time Complexity
  • Recursion
  • Linked List
  • Queue, Stack
  • Collection Framework
  • Multi Threading
  • OOPs Concepts (Abstraction, Encapsulation, Polymorphism and Inheritance)
  • Java Scripts, ES5/6,
  • Basics about JSP and Servlets
  • File Handling
  • RESTful Web APIs

  • Mango DB (2 weeks)
  • Mango DB - principal, DB operations, CURD operations with Mango DB using Java APIs
  • Debugging

  • React JS (3 weeks)

  • Spring Framework for enterprise level applications, project deployments (6 weeks)
  • Spring Boot
  • Introducting to Cloud, Microservices, Cloud APIs

  • Project (side-by-side while learning lessons): Developing Apps with HTML/JavaScript/CSS, React JS, Spring Framework/SpingBoot, MongoDB

  • Project (side-by-side while learning lessons): Deploying Apps in websites

  • Project (side-by-side while learning lessons): Deploying Apps in Cloud
  • FAQ

    Yes. You will get IIT Madras Pravartak Foundation Certificate when you get at-least 60% of the course mark. You will get GradsKey certificate if you get more than 50% of the course mark. Course marks would be cumulative of weekly assignments/test, projects, viva, and mock-interviews that happens than and there.

    Yes, with this certification, you will be referred to companies for Internship in your pre-final year, and you will be referred for Pre-placement offers in your final year.

    Immediate placement referrals for the freshers and professionals.

    This would be through our corporate partners and corporate partners of IIT Madras Pravartak.

    Yes. You will get access to the video of this live interactive workshop demo and lectures, which will be made available for a two years.

    At the end of every week, the video of the class lectures/demo will be uploaded.

    Yes, GradsKey offers good discounts and sometimes waves off the entier fee for the economically deserving students.

    You just have to contact us with the proof, we will do our best from our end.


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