Python for Data Science Foundation

Certification jointly by IIT MADRAS PRAVARTAK and GRADSKEY
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This program is tailor made for the students to gain confidence in Python Data Science Foundation and secure certification from preimier institution.
** Learn Python – the most popular programming language for Data Science.
** Get experienced in fundamental problem solving skills using Python language structures, control and inbuilt libraries.
** Gain Proficiency in using most commonly used Python libraries in Data Science – such as Pandas, Numpy, Matplotlib.
** Gain working knowledge with Python APIs that are commonly used in Data Science – such as Beautiful Soup with Data storage and retrieval from Database.

* This course is a self paced 4 week course,
* with aound 24 hours of class videos with python coding, data structuers, libraries, applications, etc.
* and 2 hours of weekly LIVE interactive online doubt-clearance session (personalized of in a small group) with solutions to weekly assignments.
* This course will provide you hands-on creating a projects, and will cover a good amount of interview questions in each topics.

This course is for freshers, professionals, and college Students from any degree/discipline, who are looking to get confidence before looking for a job / switch to Python Data Science domains.

Objective: To gain foundation for the industrial scenarios of Python Data Science domain.

Language: Python.

Outcome: Students to gain confidence in applying Python Data Science jobs with this premier institution certificate.

Syllabus 24 hours of study materials (videos)
Weekly 2 hours of LIVE Interactive discussion session with Industrial Instructor

  • Unit-1: Python Fundamentals
  • Introduction to programming languages: Python,
    Introduction to Industrial coding practices.
    Python Syntax, data types, variables, operators, input/output, control structures.
    Functions and Modules.

  • Unit-II: Python Data Structures
  • Data Structures – lists, tuple, dictionaries, sets, store/manipulate date.
  • File handling
  • Exception handlings.

  • Unit-III: Problem Solving with Python data structurs
  • Problem solving with Loops, Arrays, sub-arrays, Strings in Python
  • Problem solving with Stack, Queues, Priority Queues, Hash map in Python
  • Time complexity and Space complexity - overview

  • Unit-IV: OOPs in Python
  • Inheritance
  • Polymorphism
  • Encapsulation
  • Problem solving with OOPs concepts

  • Unit-V: Data Science Python Libraries and problem-solving using them
  • Data handling with Pandas and MongoDB
  • Scientific computing with Scipy
  • Probability and statistics with Numpy
  • Data visualization with seaborn, matplotlib

  • Unit-VI: Application with API/DB at the backend
  • Data collection with BeautifulSoup (Python),
    Making API requests and handling JSON data with requests library,
    Introduction to sensor data collection and formatting.
  • Data Storage: overview of DBMS/SQL.
    Setting up a basic MySQL database.
  • Creating tables, inserting data, and querying data with SQL.
  • Data retrieval: Writing SQL queries for data retrieval from relational databases.
    Introduction to data aggregation and filtering.
  • FAQ

    Yes. You will get IIT Madras Pravartak Foundation Certificate when you get at-least 60% of the course mark. You will get GradsKey certificate if you get more than 50% of the course mark. Course marks would be cumulative of weekly assignments/test, projects, viva, and mock-interviews that happens than and there.

    Yes, with this certification, you will be referred to companies for Internship in your pre-final year, and you will be referred for Pre-placement offers in your final year.

    Immediate placement referrals for the freshers and professionals.

    This would be through our corporate partners and corporate partners of IIT Madras Pravartak.

    Yes. You will get access to the video of this live interactive workshop demo and lectures, which will be made available for a two years.

    At the end of every week, the video of the class lectures/demo will be uploaded.

    Yes, GradsKey offers good discounts and sometimes waves off the entier fee for the economically deserving students.

    You just have to contact us with the proof, we will do our best from our end.


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