Atharva Parikh
Premium Plan
Vishwakarma Institute of Information Technology,
B.Tech. Information Technology
2019 - 2023


Core Skills

Soft Skills


I am a second year Information Technology Engineering Student at Vishwakarma Institute Of Information Tehnology. I have a keen interest in data Science and also aspire to explore the field of Finance in Future.

Immediate Objective

Get perfection over data structures and algorithms. Build over the basics of Financial Markets and of Machine Learning.

Next 3 Year Objectives

Perform well on competitive Data Science Platforms. Do implementation-based projects involving Data-Structures and Algorithms. Contribute to Open Source and get into new communities.


Finalist for proposing a milk quality detection approach using ML and IoT
2020 - SEP
Milk and milk products constitute a huge market so adulteration is an easy way to make money for many people. It cuts production costs hence boosting profit margins. 
Adulterated milk can harm various organs of the body,  causing heart problems, cancer, and in extreme cases, even death. Though there are various methods to detect the adulteration in milk they are not always convenient and accessible. 
Thus driven by the recent developments in Machine Learning(ML) and Internet of Things(IoT) technology we came up with an approach  to perform qualitative and quantitative detection of adulteration in Milk using ML and IoT.

Competitive Exams



Courses & Certificates

Data Science Professional Certificate
This course taught me basics of Data Science and Why its currently a hot topic, as its a professional course there was overview of every aspect of field and finally a course project at the end.

Excel Skills for Business Specialization
In this course I learnt basics of excel tool. I practiced various features like basic function implementation to designing a dashboard with visualizations.
Macquarie University KFSRG6SV4JTP

Financial Markets (with Honors)
This course taught me about Financial Markets and various types of investments available and how they work.
Yale University WM3T6W2Z83UJ

Fundamentals of digital marketing
From this course i learnt what is digital marketing , why its necessary for business and how can we get into it as a way to side hustle.
Google Digital Unlocked NWT RZM 7ZJ

DS & Algorithms - Live Course
Certificate | DS & Algorithms - Live Course

Campus Ambassador
Certificate | Campus Ambassador


Jt. Head Treasurer
2020 - Present
active member and joint head treasurer.

Core Committee Member
2020 - Present
Active member of the Technical ML forum and have helped in conducting various activities

Sponsorship Team Member
2020 - 2021
Was incharge of industry interaction for sponsorship for all the events that took place in the cell


Vishwakarma Institute of Information Technology
B.Tech. - Information Technology
2019 - 2023